alien visitor gene theory

To find out who we are and where we are going, it is important to understand where we came from. 

The beginning of mankind is explained in the book “Silbury Dawning”, the post-Darwinist theory that the 'missing link' in our evolution was due to the arrival of an extra-terrestrial being or race of beings some 13,000 years ago that bred with, or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors.  Those Homo sapiens with the Alien Visitor gene had a significant advantage and began to replace those that did not - resulting in the highly intelligent human race that quickly evolved from a single point or start- time. 

This book and website advances the concept of a Start-Time andthe belief that we have all inherited, to use computer jargon, an ‘operating system' (see article The Human 'Operating System') contained in our memory going back to the beginning of life on our planet and encompassing the immense impact of the arrival of an alien visitor(s) on our incredible heritage. 

The startling result of the new picture of human evolution of just how very closely related all humans are confirms the supposition, which modern genetics has now shown, that the "Out of Africa" theory is correct and confirms my viewpoint "that our population started from a single point and successfully prevented any competition". "We are all born with an extraordinary interest in where we came from and who our relatives are", says Oppenheimer. "This really brings home that we are just one big, very close family."  Quote from Professor Stephen Oppenheimer, Oxford University who is author of the books "The Origins of the British: A Genetic Detective Story" and "Out of Eden: The Peopling of the World".

Some of the central tenets discussed in the concept of Start-Timers are as follows:- 

ü  To support the integration of all mankind from the recognition that we all originate from the same source.

ü  We have all inherited an amazing Universal Knowledge handed down to us via Trans-generational genes.

ü  Encompass each other's beliefs and amazing abilities and focus our attention to preserving our precious planet Earth for future generations to explore our incredible creation.

ü  Respect the uniqueness and integrity of all religions.

ü  Promote the understanding of our collective unconscious, enabling us to understand our individuality and recognise mind manipulation, brain washing, divide and rule, attempts by those 'Elites' in our society motivated by power and greed.

ü  To maintain a sustainable human population in relation to our human rights and the rights of other living creatures on Earth.

ü  To support the exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond.

ü  To appreciate that our world is perfect as it is.  .  


Start-Timers believe in the importance of life and our continued success on our planet Earth, so that one day we will have the opportunity to become part of the Universe and take a step closer to answering the age-old questions "is there life after death" and "does God exist"?  

End-Timers believe they have a duty to try to bring forth the end of the world. The book 2008-God's Final Witness by Ronald Weinland provides a recent example of their views that predicts catastrophic events on May 27 2012.  The apocalyptic aspect of religion proves religion is NOT life affirming. End-Timers tend to be pessimistic, judgmental and believe we are inevitably heading towards Armageddon based on biblical references. 

Our planet is extraordinarily special in our Solar System – it supports life.  Let’s keep it that way! 

Since the first publication of the book in 2000, the fascination with the Alien Visitor theory and its influence on our everyday lives has increased exponentially.  The excellent feedback from the book and associated website has revealed that many of us are very optimistic about the future.

So the concept of ‘Start-Timers’ came into being.  Although still in its infancy, the potential for ‘Start-Timers’ in the 21st Century,to influence the world power base to the benefit of life on earth is immense. It is clear from our recent history that global problems can only be solved from a bottom up approach.  The rapid development in worldwide communications technology, internet, etc., can now make this possible. 

The lecture explores this fantastic revelation and how it can make us feel very optimistic about our future.
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