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Silbury Hill: At the Dawning of Humanity was presented at The Bases Project Conference in the Ellis Theatre, Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire on Saturday the 9th August 2014. 

This lecture explores the fundamental question – “When and how did humanity begin” before addressing the theme of the conference “Humanity! We are changing”. 

Why has the big ‘what if’ question been ignored – “Were extra-terrestrials responsible for the creation of humankind and the seeds of humanity on Earth”? 

Was nearby Silbury Hill constructed as a pyramid?  

Did Silbury Hill, with its prehistoric past, witness the dawning of humanity?

The following series of articles, supporting the theme of the lecture can be found on this Forum and at Ezine Articles ezinearticles  

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Humanity – Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past

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Silbury Hill - Chalk Hill or Pyramid Mound?


imgresGlastonbury Symposium Lecture, July 2013 - Silbury Hill: The White Pyramid? The lecture begins with an investigation into pyramid properties and features and attempts to explain why so many pyramids were built on Earth in our prehistory.

This unique investigation involves basic Quantum Physics to show how ionic current is produced and converted into various forms of energy by a pyramid. It also asks the key question -- "Did our ancient ancestors understand and develop this fundamental science"?


The lecture continues on to question the traditional view as to the purpose and age of Silbury Hill with reference to other ancient structures including some Egyptian Pyramids and Stonehenge.
 A great deal of evidence is provided to explain why Silbury Hill may have been originally built as a White Pyramid around 12,000 years ago, which slowly collapsed over the millennia into the chalk mound we see today? 
Were pyramids part of important complexes built during an extra- terrestrial colonisation of Earth?




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