alien visitor gene theory

The book Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory explores the possibility that the 'missing link' in our evolution was due to the arrival of an extra-terrestrial being or race of beings some 13,000 years ago that bred with, or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors.  As per Darwin's theory, those Homo sapiens with the Alien Visitor gene had a significant advantage and began to replace those that didn't - resulting in the human race that quickly evolved from a single point.

[Is the arrival of extra-terrestrials on our planet the only logical explanation for our truly amazing evolution from the indigenous Homo sapiens to humankind over such a short period of time? 

Is the lack of anthropological evidence to the ‘missing link’ due to the fact that early man didn’t change much physically – the genetically changed Homo sapiens just had a huge boost to their brain power?] 

The book argues that this Alien Visitor(s) founded our earliest civilisation and suggests that clues to the existence of the Alien Visitor on Earth can be found thanks to the recent rapid development of silicon chip technology.  The exploration of ancient pyramids and their amazing physical and technological properties is particularly significant. 

[Have some of their stone structures survived, including pyramids which served as multi-functional energy sources to ensure their survival along with their human offspring on Earth? 

Was Silbury Hill built as a White Pyramid some 12,000 years ago?]  

Has our knowledge been inherited from an alien ancestor?  Have we acquired the Alien memory of its life on Earth together with its own history going back to when the Alien life first evolved on some distant planet?!

[Did a tsunami occur around 10,500 years ago (Noah) devastating this early extra-terrestrial civilisation?] 

Everything we imagine or have yet to imagine has already happened in our Alien history.  In other words, we are mimicking the evolution of the Alien Visitor.  The Alien Visitor’s history is our future.  There will be anomalies because we are evolving on Earth and the Alien Visitor evolved on a different planet so this may force us to evolve in a slightly different way from the Alien Visitor

[Since their demise, have we been slowly recovering their alien knowledge, transferred down the generations via this trans-generational memory gene?  Is each generation able to access some of this knowledge, in a non-Darwinian way, which in some cases we classify as ‘genius’?  Is intelligence (IQ) a measure of the ease in which we can access, use and develop this ‘hidden’ subconscious knowledge.] 

So, if we are slowly recovering this alien knowledge, can we find clues to early human evolution in our modern ideas and inventions?  Are we repeating the idea of a “Doomsday ark” being planned by scientists on the Moon that will contain the essentials of life and civilization, to be activated in the event of Earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war - from knowledge contained in our inherited memory?  Will pyramids play a key role in our future advancement with the likelihood that it will be the first structure to be built on the Moon?

[With this steady gaining of this extra-terrestrial knowledge are we now at the beginning of our exploration of the Universe?]