alien visitor gene theory

Did extra-terrestrials land on our planet in our pre-history? Did they sexually mix or genetically experiment and educate our Homo sapiens/Neanderthal ancestors changing the course of our evolution and supercharging our intelligence?

Was there a level of knowledge on Earth in our prehistory which far exceeds what we have today?

Did extra-terrestrial(s) arrive with their amazing knowledge from its civilisation? Did their knowledge also develop from an extra-terrestrial seeding in a similar way to our development on Earth?

So, does our knowledge come from way back into the Universe?

Is the arrival of extra-terrestrials on our planet the only logical and common sense explanation for our truly remarkable evolution from the indigenous homo sapiens/Neanderthals over such a short period? How did mankind evolve so quickly during the Holocene era to become an integral part of Earth's fabric?

Did a catastrophic event occur around 10,500 years ago - Younger Dryas Global Event (Noah), devastating this incredible early civilisation, initiating "The Planet of the Intelligent Homo Sapiens"?

Following the disaster, involving huge wild fires and massive floods, the human race began to evolve haphazardly without the extra-terrestrial influence - or did it? Were the surviving hierarchy able to maintain control of their progeny by building layer upon layer of manipulated ideas and conditioning which were designed to suppress our understanding of the inherited subconscious knowledge, our alien history and hence our individual development?!

Fear and confusion added to the problem as displaced people fought to find somewhere to live following the disaster. Cultural changes evolved controlled by the Elites, a small group who have been ruling Earth since the global disaster occurred some 10,500 years ago. Was the original plan of the Elites to protect the extra-terrestrial hierarchy - a superior race? But with the frequency of sexual indiscretion by this ruling class through the centuries have these indiscretions provided a population of potential equal knowledge?

Nevertheless in spite of this censorship by the Elites, humanity has nonetheless shown an ability to recover the technology of alien knowledge in each subsequent generation. We seem to have inherited a trans-generational memory gene passed on to us down the centuries. It seems each generation has progressively recovered some of this alien knowledge stored in our unconscious memory through a process of genius. Is intelligence a measure of the ability to access knowledge stored in one's conscious, subconscious and unconscious memory?

Our unconscious can be likened to a computer Operating System as developed by Microsoft from MSDOS to Windows 95 to the present Windows 8.

Like a Microsoft Operating System, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to penetrate this vital piece of software!

We all have this trans-generational memory gene. This is clearly demonstrated when millions of our young men and women died during the Two World Wars. This didn't hinder our progress!

Would this alien genetic theory go a long way in clearing up scientific confusion over why DNA studies point to all of humanity emerging from a single common ancestor. Those possessing this unique genetic lineage held a dominant advantage over those who did not. Per the rules of evolutionary biology, they soon began displacing other Homo species while deploying new technologies and founding new advanced societies along the way.

Will DNA studies take us closer to the truth?

Stephen Oppenheimer's research based on a synthesis of the mtDNA and Y chromosome evidence with archaeology, climatology, fossil study and other evidence to track the migration routes and interaction of our ancient ancestors over the last 160,000 years.

What is very interesting about his research is his submission that something significant to our human evolution occurred somewhere between 15,000 and 7,500 years ago after the melting of the ice caps but before the land broke away from the mainland and divided into islands. The date I suggest from my research for the arrival of an alien visitor of approximately 13,000 years ago fits neatly into this time window.

He also confirms my supposition that modern genetics has now shown that the "Out of Africa" theory is correct.

The startling result of the new picture of human evolution of just how very closely related all humans are, confirms my viewpoint "that our population started from a single point and successfully prevented any competition".


"We are all born with an extraordinary interest in where we came from and who our relatives are", says Oppenheimer. "This really brings home that we are just one big, very close family."

Professor Stephen Oppenheimer, Oxford University is author of the books "The Origins of the British: A Genetic Detective Story" and "Out of Eden: The Peopling of the World".

At the point of human conception is this the moment of all knowledge? Knowledge going all the way back into the Universe!

As the Embryo/Foetus continues to development does it rapidly dispense with layers or rings of data which it somehow understands from its surroundings it can safely discard before birth? With this process ongoing until 9 months later the human enfant is born?

Sometimes the development of the child's brain in the womb goes wrong. Synapses don't connect properly. Anyhow these children can be born with remarkable talents and in exceptional cases can develop into a savant or a genius. This is usually labelled Autism, Asperger's or ADHD.

In my research I discovered that all of our genius's had some level of Asperger's, Autism or ADHD. It would seem that this gave them better access to their unconscious memory - similar to a Microsoft operating system, which in most of us is pretty well hidden!! Some of these computer geniuses I have met are 'out of this world' in terms of their knowledge but some with absolutely no practical or social skills! (Can't tie their shoe laces).

Moments of genius can also be stimulated through trauma - bereavement, drug taking, fasting, sleep deprivation, vigorous exercise and meditation.

The baby is born, the Human Operating System is in place, that what differentiates us as a human male or female from our fellow creatures. The baby arrives with the very basic survival functions - to breath, cry, suck, even swim, etc., then develops at an incredible pace.

As each generation passes, are babies becoming smarter? Are babies/children becoming more 'Knowing'? New mothers have told me they have had a shock when first looking at their new born baby. The newly born seemed to look through them.

Is it simply a result of new mothers getting older or is there something else? Do babies realise, somehow that they don't want to be programmed out of their 'light' by discarding less data from their unconscious memory during pregnancy? Somehow be better prepared to resist the immediate manipulation and contrived education system to develop their own self!

It would seem that the Elites can't control everything!

It is an irrefutable fact that this rapid development/assimilation of data while in the womb still continues at a pace during the early years of infancy, a time when parent, nursery, infant school interaction should be at its best. Sadly our education system has ignored this fact and classes of 30+ infants in the early stages of education is a hugely missed opportunity for the development of the child into adulthood! Even sadder, the close influential link between the child and its parents is slowly being broken.

It seems strange that at the point where human development is at its peak our early education system is inadequate except in private education!! Our education priorities are clearly back to front?

It is crazy and clearly political and a sure sign of the Elites intention to control and manipulate the next generation.

If we can understand the 'faulty' brain that produces genius, will this help us to uncover the knowledge in our unconscious (Operating System) type memory? Has everything we imagine or have yet to imagine already happened in our extra-terrestrial history. In other words, are we mimicking the evolution of the extra-terrestrial? The extra-terrestrial history is our future. There will be anomalies because we are evolving on Earth and theextra-terrestrial evolved on a different planet so this may force us to evolve in a slightly different way from the extra-terrestrial.

So, if we are slowly recovering this extra-terrestrial knowledge, can we find clues to early human evolution in our modern ideas and inventions? We have already seen what is imagination in one generation can become fact in the next!

Epigenetics, a rapidly expanding branch of microbiology, could also provide answers to our extra-terrestrial past? At the heart of this new field of science is a simple idea - that genes have a 'memory'. Epigenetics provides compelling evidence that a memory of an event could be passed through generations.

We have already seen glimpses of this in past lives regressions via mediums, hypnotists and others who have the skills to tap into our areas of unconscious.

Will epigenetics provide the science to enable us to locate and 'switch on' our hidden memory gene codes and re-trace our detailed and factual history to unlock the secrets of the data stored in our deep unconscious and confirm the existence of extra-terrestrials in our distant past?

Did those Homo sapiens with the alien gene would have a distinct advantage, in a Darwinian way, over those that didn't and this would quickly enable them to replace the indigenous Homo sapiens.

The power of numbers. With just one extra-terrestrial the population of its offspring would grow quickly. For example if you gamble a £1 to double in value on the flip of a coin, if you guessed right on each occasion you would become a millionaire after just 21 flips of the coin.

Is the lack of anthropological evidence to the 'missing link' due to the fact that early man initially didn't change much physically - the indigenous homo sapiens somehow had a boost to their brain power? There have been a number of fake 'missing link' discoveries over the years but maybe anthropologists have still to uncover the missing link.

Likewise, do extra-terrestrial being(s) and their early offspring also exist yet to be revealed - or have they already been discovered!

Will this constant re-gaining of knowledge from our alien visitor gene give us a clearer insight into who we really are as we begin of our exploration of the Universe?