alien visitor gene theory

The intriguing possibility that we were an integral part of an ET led civilisation opens amazing possibilities into understanding our humanity and why anyone exploring these new non-establishment ideas were previously derailed, distracted or labelled a ‘crackpot’?  In the past it would have been a lot worse. 

It is very simple – the Elites don’t want us to know about our ET ancestry and just how very clever we all are!

So how can this question be presented seriously to the scientific community and public at large?  

The psychology of Realisationism is quite simple - it is about taking control of our own mind.

First we need to understand a simplified model of our various states of mind.


Now - in the moment.  The Moment of Choice, SOMETIMES POWERFUL MOMENTS OF CHOICE. Marriage/Divorce, Change Job ….

When the transitory instant passes the conscious slips into the sub conscious.  Sleep process enables our data to be stored in our subconscious memory logically?

Sub Conscious

Memories from our life span on Earth triggered by an event can move sub conscious fleetingly back to the conscious state of mind – meeting an old school friend, smells, etc.

However our subconscious is open to manipulation, from simple and fairly innocuous mind games played by some serious golfers, sledging in cricket, etc., to the extremely serious professional psychologists employed by an extremely rich and powerful group among us ruling the world – I have labelled them ‘Elites’.  Their aim is to make themselves even more powerful by finding ways of stealing your wealth and endangering your health.

So, first we need to realise there are Elites’ among us.  They and their ancestors had discovered some time ago how to manipulate our SUBCONSCIOUS minds by playing mainly on our fears and greed.  This has created their ongoing success!

Elites are absolutely ruthless and not concerned about people being killed in wars initiated by them or through tobacco, medicines, fast food, etc.

Edward Bernays (Freud’s nephew) played a big part in developing these Public Relation and Propaganda Techniques exploiting our subconscious to get us to buy products from corporations sponsored by the Elites.

One of Bernays success stories was the tobacco industry.  Smoking cigarettes would give us a tough image of if a woman make us glamorous and independent – promoted by the B/W films of the day!!  Film moguls such as Howard Hughes had big financial interest in promoting the growing tobacco industry. 

HAPPYNESS IS A CIGAR CALLED ……………HAMLET.  TV advert last shown in 1992!  Many still remember the advert and were persuaded by it.

Present culprits – still the tobacco industry!

But now closely followed by the just as dangerous snack and pharmaceutical industries! (“The sweet you can eat between meals without ruining your appetite” – no you can’t!!)

When the American politicians were losing the American public interest in going to war with IRAQ, a story suddenly appeared in The Wall Street Journal that Saddam’s soldiers were killing babies in Lower Mesopotamia. Immediately public opining changed to support the horrific bombing of Bagdad even though the story was later shown to have been fabricated – but it achieved the result of branding Saddam Hussein a monster.  The real baby killers turned out to be Bush & Blair!!

The public don’t like war so why is the coverage of World War 1 going way over the top.  Lots of money and control to be made in war.  So easy to destabilise a peaceful situation!  So very easy to play on our fears by providing an enemy! 

Financial example.  Benefit cheats not corrupt bankers!

Fracking example.  Blame Putin not the energy cartel!!

Give them a flag, a national anthem, Queen/King and Country and AN ENEMY and they will follow like sheep!!

Some Homework:  Watch how the Elites manipulate/persuade us that Charles and Camilla will make a wonderful King and Queen!!

The fact that across the world, cultures, religions etc., can enjoy the same piece of music, a football match, a joke.  I believe this highlights a commonality of our origins, a single place and point in time where humanisation began!

Again this collective subconscious can be manipulated by the ‘Elites’ via religions, political parties, etc.

However it is not easy to challenge the ruthless Elites who are readily prepared to put the destabilisation propaganda and ‘dirty tricks’ departments into full swing!! 


It is difficult when we read newspapers, TV programmes, peer groups, ‘professionals’ (Doctors), BE YOUR OWN DOCTOR IF STILL POSSIBLE, (over 60% of the deaths recorded in the US were down to patient medicines and tablets).  The pharmaceutical companies, supported by doctors don’t really care about your health – like the tobacco industry.

Politicians – we already know how greedy and corrupt they are.  Puppets to the Elites!

Is a lack of interest in voting an indication we are beginning to see through the rudderless populism of puppet politicians? – Humanity! We are changing!

Psychologists promote our indulgence of thinking – we sometimes think too much but they will make you think even more – ignore and just keep smiling!!

Politicians promote intellectualism as they hope to send everyone off to University.  We must resist becoming too intellectual succumbing to other people’s ideas that are often wrong and out of date.  Think for ourselves not the establishments’ views!

Solicitors will make a simple divorce settlement a disaster!

The Church- why are there so many woman Catholics considering how badly they have been treated through the centuries?  

Predictive Visualisation – subliminal mind games – so we accept the real thing when it comes along!  Especially linked to war!!

Subliminal marketing messages e.g. used in Music Videos (supposed to be illegal).


It is interesting how the Elites give the establishment (their establishment) POSITIVE ‘labels’ – archaeologists, Egyptologists, palaeontologist, bishop, etc.  Free thinkers are labelled by them as witches (they were the NHS nurses and midwives of their day), heretics, misfits, crackpots, new age, conscious objectors/cowards, etc., which conjure up an immediate negative impression of the individual before he/she opens their mouth!

So it is time to play them at their own game.  I am going to plant an alternative label in your subconscious to describe the conventional archaeologist and Egyptologist who pontificate there long established lazy, sloppy ideas handed down to them by some equally lazy/sloppy professor, usually from the same university.   The new label for these guys is CLING–ON.

Maybe giving them this label will be a wakeup call? Will it bring the establishment academics out of their ivory towers?  Let’s find out. 

Play them at their own game by ignoring their manipulation and propaganda, even if it means doing without!

It’s not always easy being aware when our subconscious is being manipulated.  When I stop getting on my soap boxes, I know I’m winning.



At the point of conception is this the moment of all knowledge?  Knowledge going all the way back into the Universe!

This is stored in our unconscious memory – similar to a Microsoft Operating System!  This is where what makes us human resides.

As the Embryo/Foetus continue to development do they rapidly dispense with layers or rings of data which it somehow understands from its surroundings it can safely discard?  With this process ongoing until 9 months later the human enfant is born?

Sometimes the development of the child’s brain in the womb goes wrong.  Synapses don’t connect properly??  Anyhow these children can be born with remarkable talents and in exceptional cases can develop into a savant or genius.  This is usually labelled Autism, Asperger’s or ADHD.

In my research I discovered that all of our genius’s had some level of Asperger’s, Autism or ADHD. It would seem that this gave them better access to their unconscious memory, which in most of us is pretty well hidden!!  Some of these computer geniuses I have met are ‘out of this world’ in terms of their knowledge but with absolutely no practical or social skills! (Can’t tie their shoe laces).

The baby is born, the Human Operating System is in place – what differentiates us as a human male or female from our fellow creatures. The baby arrives with the very basic survival functions – to breath, cry, suck, even swim, etc.

It is an irrefutable fact that this rapid development/assimilation of data while in the womb still continues at a pace during the early years of infancy, a time when parent, nursery, infant school interaction should be at its best.  Sadly our education system has ignored this possibility and classes of 30+ infants in the early stages of education is a hugely missed opportunity for the development of the child into adulthood!  It is clearly CRAZY and political!!

If we can understand the ‘faulty’ brain that produces genius, will this help us to uncover the knowledge in our subconscious (O/S type) memory?  Has everything we imagine or have yet to imagine already happened in our Alien history.  In other words, are we are mimicking the evolution of the Alien Visitor.  The Alien Visitor’s history is our future.  There will be anomalies because we are evolving on Earth and the Alien Visitor evolved on a different planet so this may force us to evolve in a slightly different way from the Alien Visitor

So, if we are slowly recovering this alien knowledge, can we find clues to early human evolution in our modern ideas and inventions? 

Is our imagination which we are able to portray in films and TV once fact (The four sequels of the Planet of the Apes grossing over $900 million and Star Trek, where we are currently unable to realise under the existing conditions and parameters we live in?

Mediums have the skills to tap into our areas of unconscious. Past lives (regression).

We all have this trans-generational memory gene.  This is clearly demonstrated when millions of our young men and women died during the Two World Wars.  This didn’t hinder our progress!

Collective conscious - Can reside in the conscious, subconscious and unconscious memory.

Will future archaeological studies support my ET ancestor theory?

Will the science of Epigenetics unlock the secrets of the data stored in our deep unconscious?  Confirm my baby theory?

At the heart of this new field of science is a simple idea – that genes have a ‘memory’. Epigenetics provides compelling evidence that a memory of an event could be passed through generations. Will epigenetics provide the science to enable us to locate and ‘switch on’ our hidden memory gene codes and re-trace our detailed and factual history to confirm the existence of the extra-terrestrial ancestor in our distant past?

©John Cowie                                                                                          June 2016