alien visitor gene theory

By Jacqueline Sara Cloake 

Querent: Why were the pyramids built? 
Hakim:   I prefer to call it Pernetr. It is built to have energy just like there was built somewhere in the 18C 19C by Nicola Tesler.   Free energy. It’s there. He didn’t find electricity it’s there and more other frequencies which is become free, with our limited senses but it’s there. So when we wake up these senses, the pyramid is built from energy and when you look at the construction, you see it is connected to a shaft as high as the pyramid and as deep as running water.    With the beam of the sun and running water you have no exhaust. And you can announce this in the media, but someone will say Petrol is number one. And maybe they will fight you because you are showing them free energy, and it’s enough to know and when you know it, you will know that you are built to deal with this. 
Pyramid is a Greek word doesn’t mean anything. Pyrama Pyramid plural. Guess what the Arabs the latest invaders, call it in 640AD they call it Harm. Means the old. The old in age. And nothing else. And Herodotus said it was a tomb. Nonsense. They are simple construction but they call it Perka. In our ancient language the pyramid is Pernetr. Yes. Perka. The house of the body. The temple is Perba, the house of the spirit. The house of Isis is Perpara. Guess what word we use for Para The Greeks add h after the p, turning it to Phara. So the word pharoah doesn’t mean man or ruler, it means the house of Isis. And Isis has a bit of influence from the Greek. Izit. Us. This is when the split happened. Instead of Izit they put Isis, Osirus, Horus, Julius, it is easy to see if it is a man or a woman. Yes. 
So pyramid is a Per Netr. It has no meaning, it has been used as it is.   And guess what it is when I say Netr. Nature. Nature. What can you make out of the word nature. Nature. What’s nature. Netr in our ancient language is those beings who come from above. And the way of writing it with a beard, later when the letters play they put next to this Per just to help you pronounce. Netr has no translation. And when you say that I am saying tongue work, tongue, but the Ra is the deeper stage for bridge of understanding. How can way can we say baby. Many different ways. We get the sound not the word itself. 
Taken from handwritten notes from a talk by Hakim at Dashur September 2005.
Hakim: Pyramid. In Egyptian = House of nature. The middle pyramid at Giza is an energy machine.
Sarcophagus = body eater.
Tesler found the energy of electricity but didn’t do anything. Eddison discovered how to use it.
Next it’s Dashur. The bent pyramid. This Hakim tells us is a generator. 
Hakim: Water would flow past it in those days. Water plus sun = energy. Simple. Dashur. Its name came with the Arabs 700AD. No Arab nation. Formed from Arab. Roman labels were removed and Arab labels put on. The Bent pyramid. The Nile comes form the West where today’s Oasis is. In the canal, there is silt there from 52-54,000 year. This is a Pernetr. A power station. The Bent pyramid
Influences the energy and its effect on water. The harbour is close by – there is silt in evidence formed by water. 6 to 7 pyramids in total. Some are tombs, some are pernetr. Power stations. The middle pyramid at Giza is a Pernetr. Water brought from the west to the east. Could be used to produce the implosion energy that enabled people to travel. The silt is evidence of water.
Next it’s Abu Garab. The Red Pyramid. A sound pyramid. Sinivero. A machine that produces double type of sound.   This has several chambers with different ceilings in a zig zagged appearance that create a particular reverberation or sound. We bypass the first chamber. At the second chamber there is a gate; a tunnel carved in the rock, Hakim says you can go for miles. 
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