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 By John Cowie


What was the purpose of Silbury Hill? By studying Silbury Hill it is clear that in our pre-history there was a mass of people in this area who were organised and prepared to work very hard in relative harmony, but we can still only guess at its function.
To understand Silbury Hill we need to move our focus elsewhere to attempt to provide a plausible explanation. I believe answers can be found by studying the most ancient and mysterious monuments found on Earth – Pyramids!
What is so important about a pyramid that hundreds if not thousands were built by our early ancestors on every continent on Earth? Were pyramids somehow closely linked to the survival of our early ancestors? 
To find out more, we must first understand the scientific properties of the pyramid. Clues can be found thanks to the discovery of the atom and its constituent parts which enabled the development of electricity by 19th century inventors including Westinghouse, Edison and Tesla. The motion of negatively charged electrons in one direction and positively charged in the other around an electric circuit known as an electric current is clearly understood. What is less familiar is the flow of ionic energy around our planet. Ions occur when an atom either gains an electron (anion) or looses an electron (cation). Ions exist naturally due to the ongoing atomic reactions with energy sources such as heat, light and sound energy. An ionic current flows when the negatively charged anions are attracted towards the positively charged (opposites attract) Sun via the ionosphere and the positively charged cations are attracted from the Sun to the negatively charged Earth.  This flow of ionic current is a natural occurring phenomenon. 
However, if a pyramid shape is placed on the ground thus intersecting this flow of ionic current, its effect is to dramatically increase the flow of electrical energy at the tip of the pyramid compared to the base, i.e. the pyramid is able to generate and store free electrical energy! 
All pyramids have been found to contain some crystalline/quartz stone such as sarsen, granite or salt. These materials act as a transducer. A transducer is a power transforming device which can convert one form of energy into another.   A pyramid depending on its size, angle, construction and materials used (Professor Atkinson described Silbury Hill as being inside a “highly coloured layer cake”), can generate huge amounts of electrical energy which can be converted into large magnetic fields, seismic (communication signals), Ion Generator/Bionizer (as found in modern air purifiers/conditioners), heat and earth (ley line) energy. Water nearby, which is common to all pyramids, provides a constant source of negative anions.
Did our ancestors in pre-history understand the properties of pyramids and the science of our planet? Their amazing mathematical and astrological knowledge seems to suggest they did? 
Is this another crackpot idea? Russian scientists don’t think so. They are building pyramids to purify the surrounding atmosphere to help tackle the effects of greenhouse gasses. Maybe one day we will see pyramid power used to replace wind farms? 
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A few Egyptian pyramid ruin examples to show a ‘de-nuded Silbury Hill’, i.e. what Silbury Hill may have looked like if it was built in a similar environment. 
Was Silbury Hill originally built as a pyramid? If it was this would make it one of the most fascinating ancient monuments on Earth! 
John Cowie
Author and Independent Researcher
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