alien visitor gene theory

 By John Cowie


In 1971, Intel introduced the first microprocessor for a calculator manufacturer. Since then there has been an explosion in paltersonal computing power and communications around the world. In the last 10 years the Internet, email and mobile phones have become well-used tools in our communications, not just in business but also in our personal lives. And all of these inventions are developing with rapid speed. We are fascinated with communications. Not only are we looking to the future but we also look at older methods of communication with new interest. As we develop binary and bar codes we start to look at other patterns and wonder if they might have been designed to carry some form of communication. Research into the function of crop circles has turned to comparing them with symbols and messages used in our own communications.


The general public awareness in the crop circle phenomenon has also increased over the last decade, but in recent months with the release of M Night Shyamalam's latest box office hit movie "Signs" starring Mel Gibson, the interest in crop circles and the link with extra-terrestrials has increased dramatically.


In my book "Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory", I put forward my theory that crop circles are evidence that an Alien Visitor came to our planet, built complex civilisations and established two-way contact with its own race and that all of this was witnessed by our ancestors. This visitor was far superior in intelligence to our ancestors but either through breeding, teaching or a form of genetic engineering managed to rapidly speed up the evolution of our Homo species by giving us their knowledge in an extra-terrestrial gene or memory. I believe these crop circles are evidence that the transmission channel started by the visitors during their period on Earth is still open and that we are still receiving messages. I also argue in my book that because we are slowly recovering and understanding this inherited memory or gene that we will one day be able to decipher these messages.


In the UK, there are more than nine hundred stone circles. In England, a remarkable straight line has been traced from St Michael's Mount in Cornwall through Glastonbury and Avebury to Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, while another runs from the north to south from the major Arbor Low stone circle in Derbyshire through Avebury and Stonehenge. Both these lines miss absolute straightness by a few hundred yards at a few points and we should not be surprised that over the centuries some land movement such as the mid-Atlantic rift could account for these particular discrepancies. It also appears that these lines extend through Scotland into the Orkney Islands and south into Brittany at a time when this was one land mass.


These facts also suggest the sites may have been planned from above ground level and from the sky. Their positioning suggests knowledge of true east, west, north and south when they were built. Similarities in where these sites are built, comparable sizes and distances between stones at sites thousands of miles apart are too much of a coincidence to believe that this was not the work of a common influence.


Similar kinds of building were going on around the world. In Peru, there is a collection of precise markings covering an area of 40 x 9 miles area, known as the Nazca lines. Thousands of these lines cross the desert between Nazca and Palpa. Some are more than five miles long, jumping deep ravines and cliffs, without altering their course. Others are zigzagged and spiral-shaped. Maria Reiche - who was an authority on the Nazca lines - found the 23 stone circles she studied in Britain were constructed using the same units of measurement. I think this gives us proof of architects using similar measurements and methods of construction thousands of miles apart. Perhaps this points to a universally- linked civilisation.


The similarities between the Nazca Monkey and Naqada the Egyptian Gymnast have been carefully studied.


I have speculated as to why the various stone constructions were built around the world. They may have been points in an elaborate intergalactic compass, sextant or star map. They could have been used as links in an interstellar communications network. They may have been constructed to help the Alien Visitor fix its position in relation to the other planets in the galaxy or its own planet so that it would be able to chart a route when it wanted to leave Earth. One of the reasons the Alien Visitor might have built these structures could be that it arrived on Earth by mistake or following an accident and wanted to attract help to get home. It could be argued that these structures may have been a system of beacons, aimed at signalling to a passing ship, crewed by members of its own or a friendly planet. The beacons would have to be very large to be seen from space: a string of bonfires would be inadequate for this purpose. What would be required is some vast distinctive shape or pattern, which could be recognised by one of the Alien Visitor's rescuers circling our planet. The white horses that can also be found in the chalky hills in Wiltshire, England may also have been beacons or are modelled on original alien beacons. On the Nazca Plains of Peru there are other animal shapes - including a spider, monkey, whale, lizard and humming bird - which I propose may have also been beacons, in the same way as Wiltshire's white horses. This suggests the Alien Visitor came from a planet with creatures similar to those on Earth. The Alien Visitor's familiarity with these creatures would have made it easier for the Alien Visitor to have known how to avoid dangers such as attacks or poisons. The Alien Visitor might have put up these beacons all over the world in order to make sure at least one was visible to the place the visitor came from so that there would never be a time when this appeal for help was obscured during the Earth's rotations. The Alien Visitor may have had to have recruited the Homo sapiens to build these beacons


We can put this idea to the test by taking a close look at one of the most famous stone circles - Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge is different from all other known stone monuments because it was built in an area without stones! It was built at a time when our ancestors were hunters, struggling for survival and the only practical tools were made of stone, wood or bone. The big stones that form the distinctive circle, the ones that everyone notices when they look at Stonehenge are made of incredibly hard sandstone called sarsen. It is the hardest rock in Britain, harder than granite, and is usually found lying around as big slabs. On Mohs scale, which measures resistance to abrasion, diamonds are 10, steel is 6 or 7 and sarsen stone is 7. It is not the sort of stone that is ever quarried. Bluestones were also used to build the circle. There are no known sources of bluestone anywhere in the vicinity. The closest source was in the Preseli Mountains in West Wales, more than 225 km away. The puzzle is how did the 82 bluestones get to Stonehenge? It is possible that a glacier could have picked up such a ragbag of stones, known as erratics and swept them to their final resting-place near the Stonehenge area.  But this is unlikely as there no bluestones left in the area around Stonehenge.


Proof supporting the idea that the stones were transported by our ancestors to Stonehenge was provided in 1994 when one of the bluestones from Stonehenge was dated using a new method. When a rock is exposed to the atmosphere for the first time, either by erosion or by quarrying, it starts to accumulate an isotope of chlorine. Measuring the amount of this isotope gives the date when it was first exposed. In this instance the results showed that the bluestone rock from Stonehenge was only exposed about 14,000 years ago and this was, of course, years after the last Ice Age. If the bluestones were quarried at this time this could potentially make Stonehenge much older.


The question is why would a prehistoric tribe move giant boulders some 225 km outside the boundaries of their own territory? Perhaps the local tribe around Stonehenge got jealous at the impressive activity of other tribes further north at Avebury or west at Stanton Drew and much like Chicago making sure it had bigger skyscrapers than New York, erected something technically more awesome than its neighbours. To build such grand complexes - which may have been much larger than what remains today, would have required a great deal of harmony, organisation, language and technology. These structures were fantastic, particularly as we know they were erected in a period where early humans lived in simple societies. Across the world, standing stones can be found. They come in various shapes, sizes and patterns. Some single megaliths have been found to be over 18m (60ft) high and weigh over 350 tons while others, much smaller, appear in their thousands in straight lines. I believe the local tribes were organised by a powerful outside influence, who understood the chemical properties of the stone and the reason for the construction and so ordered the tribes so they travelled to the Preseli hills to bring back the stones. We cannot know for sure how these huge stones - some weighing more than 50 tons - were brought to Stonehenge. Perhaps they were built in position from a concrete type mixture poured into the wooden mould, or slid across a glacial landscape, or maybe conveyed and erected using levitation.


Levitation is a phenomenon that has interested us over the centuries. There have been examples of the rising of a human body off the ground, in apparent defiance of the law of gravity. The levitation of furniture and other objects during a séance has also been reported. Perhaps the Alien Visitor was able to draw upon gravitational forces or energies as yet untapped by modern science to levitate the rocks. Or maybe the Alien Visitor was able to move the stones using knowledge of phenomena, which we observe but do not yet understand, such as earth energy or ley lines. We understand ley lines are a source of energy similar to electricity when it hits the ground. We know the electricity must still be there but we have not yet worked out what it does or how it might be used by us. According to ancient Chinese science - which is based on a subtle conception of the order of nature far from our own today - there are currents or 'earth energy' within the Earth's surface. There have been cases where individuals have exhibited feats of exceptional strength way beyond the normal bounds - for example the mother being able to lift a car to recover her trapped child. This early science suggests earth energy can be magnified in the body and is called chi. Chinese traditional medicine has made a special study of this chi in the human body and the paths or meridians along which it runs and ways of correcting imbalances in the flow, by inserting needles at appropriate points on the meridian, to restore smooth running. Western medicine is only now coming to acknowledge that somehow it works. In the martial arts, the Chinese and Japanese, by working with this chi in the movements of the human body, can surpass mere physical force and weight. I believe the Alien Visitor may have known how to use these energy paths or how to channel their chi to their own advantage. Or perhaps the Alien Visitor knew how to use dowsing to achieve its own ends. Dowsing is not scientifically understood but some people can pick up very powerful reactions - using diving rods - particularly from the ground around these mysterious structures and even the stones themselves. Dowsers have detected straight lines meeting up at stone circles and even linking different megalithic sites, earthworks, pools, mounds and various landmarks, such as notches on the skyline. These lines have become known as ley lines. This energy is seen to flow not only through the planet, but also through all living organisms. The ley lines, then, are thought to form part of this network on the planetary scale. The megaliths are seen as not only marking this flow, but in some way storing, directing or channelling it, like a giant capacitor or diode to use electronics parlance.


Others see this energy as spiritual. Bell Rock, a towering red sandstone formation just south of Sedona, Arizona is an example of a vortex - a place where Earth's spiritual energies are concentrated and magnified and where psychic phenomena abound. People can feel vibrations, humming and swirling through their crystals and many report visions of their past lives as Native Americans, ancient Egyptians, Mayan princesses, major biblical figures and others. UFO activity is also associated with Bell Rock. Glastonbury Tor is considered to be Britain's premier vortex site and the town of Glastonbury is probably Sedona's nearest equivalent in Britain. These towns attract New Age travellers - a group which borrows most of its beliefs from Native American traditions, but also appropriates elements of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, Taoism, astrology, the self-help movement and other esoteric beliefs.


If we accept, through the science of spectrometry, that all planets are composed of the same elements but in different quantities, then it might not be difficult to accept that all planets share some form of magnetic field. Perhaps the Alien Visitor was able to use the Earth's energy or ley lines because it was familiar with a similar phenomenon on its own planet. Perhaps, unlike us, the Alien Visitor had learnt to manipulate these sources of energy and used them to transport materials or to boost energy levels, or used their own mode of transport to build beacons such as Silbury Hill in Wiltshire, England.


It is likely that the Alien Visitor was well aware of these energies, but this knowledge became lost as the civilisation declined into evolutionary regression following its departure. But maybe we can observe evidence of it in action on Earth. The voyages of sea turtles thousands of miles along a Pacific 'highway' have been shown to be guided by a magnetic sense. Biologists have long suspected that the Earth's magnetic anomalies may be at the root of the leatherback turtle's spectacular navigational powers. Tracking them by satellite showed that they followed narrow corridors that are at most 100 miles wide - which is very narrow considering they have the whole Pacific Ocean in front of them. If the magnetic fields were scrambled then the turtles could not even begin their journey. On land, the migrating of Monarch butterflies has been discovered to use this magnetic sense to travel in their millions up to three thousand miles from the breeding grounds in Canada and California to spend winter in trees on mountainsides in central Mexico. The butterflies make the round trip once and despite being blown off course by winds they still make it to the same trees as their ancestors, by using these magnetic cues. And if the butterflies are screened from magnetic fields, like the turtles, they showed no consistent direction and therefore could not begin their amazing migration.


I believe that once the Alien Visitor had settled on Earth, the next priorities were those of communication and data recording. I think Silbury Hill was part of a significant complex in the Alien Visitor's attempts to communicate with the rest of its race. Our present day communications and computer products rely on electricity generated using magnetic fields transmitted over power lines and cables. There does not appear to be any evidence of electrical power cables at this Wiltshire complex, but there is certainly plenty of evidence of forces and energy. Earth energy in the form of ley lines which can be traced using dowsing rods, crisscross this area in abundance. It has been discovered that some of the stones at Avebury and Stonehenge in Wiltshire have magnetic properties. These stones are not from Wiltshire and the task of transporting them to the sites seems to have been arduous. Perhaps the people who built these stone structures needed them to hold magnetic properties which is why they did not use more accessible local stones. It is also a place where many crop circles are found which some believe are formed using the Earth's energy. Perhaps these circles are the Alien Visitor's messages being reflected back to Earth, similar to the way in which we beam signals off satellites that return to Earth.


So, from this ancient spacecraft-landing complex, could there still remain some residual energy from the transmission and reception of data some 13,000 years ago? Are we seeing in our crop fields some bits of information that cannot be 'received' properly because the 'hardware' is now in ruins? If this is so, what clues to our past and our future do these fragments of data hold?


Crop circles have been around for centuries. The first recorded crop circle was in Stirlingshire in 1678. It came to be known as the Devil's Circle. They have appeared by the hundreds each year all over the world. They are showing up fields of wheat, sugar cane, potatoes, sunflowers, oilseed rape, grass, in rice paddies. Similar phenomena also appear in pine forests, sand and mountain snow. Patterns appearing in mid-air which fragment before vanishing have also been reported. In the past, farmers and researchers were reluctant to draw attention to this phenomenon, so the subject was clouded in mystery, which added to the intrigue. However, from 1979 onwards in the vicinity of Silbury Hill, the circles have multiplied at a rate that can only be called explosive. The increase in number of circles from around 100 a year in the eighties to more than 500 per year during the 1990s has attracted worldwide attention. Even the most sceptical of us are beginning to realise that something other than freaks of the weather, or hoaxers are responsible for this enigma. There are many theories to explain the existence of these patterns that seem to come from nowhere. Scientists around the world are studying various climatic effects, from weak weather fronts and atmospheric pressures causing summer whirlwinds, tornadoes, waterspouts and vortexes to luminous effects.


I saw the first 'Pictogram Circle' of 1990 that was formed at Cheesefoot Head in wheat on May 23. This configuration, which included four separate rectangular shapes, convinced me that phenomena such as vortexes could not produce these four identical rectangles. 'The appearance of these formations can be likened to those made by a mechanical typewriter where characters are stamped onto the page. This can be clearly seen in the many excellent aerial photographs and meticulous silhouette scale drawings of these circles in Lucy Pringle's book "Crop Circles: The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times" (1). Although these patterns seem huge to us on Earth, they would be tiny - perhaps like small font letters - from the perspective of space from where they were sent.


Could the circles make up a form of language and how can these patterns be 'read'? Is each pattern a single character or a piece of a 'sentence'? Should we 'read' these patterns from top to bottom, left to right, inside or outside? It is important to keep photographic records of these circles in time and date sequence as, I hope that, one day knowledge of the meaning of these symbols will be revealed. I understand this is being done by an organisation known as CERES (Circles Effect Research) and the WCCSG (Wiltshire Crop Circle Study Group) and possibly the Ministry of Defence (MoD)?


If we can link this 'language' seen in the crop fields around Silbury Hill, with the symbols produced by the early prehistoric civilisation which sprang up around 13,000 years ago, then the evidence that these phenomena are linked with the creation of our first civilisations is irrefutable. Many are making comparisons between the crop circle patterns and symbols from old religions, alchemy, geometry, mathematics, hieroglyphics, astrology and ancient cultures. For example, on June 19 1999 a near-perfect representation of a symbol associated with the Egyptian god Horus appeared in a wheat field near Silbury Hill. This could be a hoax but the Celts also incorporated symbols, found in crop fields, into their artwork on manuscripts, standing stones and artefacts. Examples include the Dunnichen Pictish stone. Designs like those of the Hopis of North America and Australian aborigines have appeared. Petroglyphs from Arctic Eskimo people and Tibetan Thankas are reflected in the wheat.


One explanation for the explosion in the number of crop circles during the last decade can be attributed to hoaxers. Some have successfully demonstrated how to construct very complicated patterns, avoiding detection in the dead of night, with simple pieces of equipment, which leaves the rest of the crop in the field undisturbed. Many of the circles that started appearing in Wiltshire in 1979 can be attributed to local people. The activity of hoaxers, with their creative rural graffiti will continue to confuse the crop circle enigma. But it remains bewildering how many of the more intricate designs can be created so perfectly and so quickly in the dead of night or in the middle of the day. What we need is a well-documented scientific study of circles which we believe have not been made by humans. This obviously, would be very difficult to compile but there are many circles that are unexplained and we do not know for certain how they got into fields. Groups studying the crop circles have found differences between a formation known to have been produced by hoaxers and other formations whose origin is unclear. A true design is said to reveal bent and twisted but not broken intricately woven stems and correct geometry. Inside the circle, it has been claimed strong energetic currents can be felt, which occasionally cause equipment - such as cameras, video recorders and mobile phones - to fail. Others have found small and equally puzzling 'grapeshot' circles in close proximity to a 'real' formation. From the many aerial photographs taken there seems to be little or no distortion to the shape of the formation in spite of steep slopes and undulations in some of the fields where they appear.


In the book "The Crop Circle Enigma" (2), which is written by the group which formed the Centre for Crop Circle Studies, (the CCCS) there is a very interesting photograph which shows a mixture of round outlines of prehistoric burial mounds now flattened, which had become visible in the very dry spring in 1988, with a number of crop circles, suggesting a link between these ancient sites and the crop circles. Ever since seeing my first crop of circles opposite Silbury Hill in July 1988, I have been intrigued by their appearance from 'out of nowhere'. My first crop circle was a 'quintuplet'. Eleven days later a second 'quintuplet' had mysteriously appeared in the same field. Many who witness a circle are immediately drawn to the mystical, the paranormal and the extra-terrestrial and set out to try to solve the puzzle - and I am one of many.


I believe, the appearance of the 'Chilbolton Code' and the 'Chilbolton Face', in a wheat field on the grounds of the Chilbolton radio telescope facility near Wherwell in Hampshire in August 2001, and the 'Scary Alien', more than 100 metres long, which appeared in a wheat field at Crabwood near Winchester, Hampshire in August 2002, represent a substantial step forward and puts an end to earlier speculation that climatic anomalies or hoaxers are responsible for every crop formation. In my view, it seems unlikely that the appearance of these complex formations, which show faces and hieroglyphics, could be caused by tornadoes, or man-made with a ball of string and plank of wood. So what can be the explanation for these crop formations?


I think that when the Alien Visitor was on this planet, some 13,000 years ago, it was developing a way of transmitting and receiving messages inside and outside Earth. I believe that even though the Alien Visitor eventually left our planet, these signals or channels of communication may still be 'live'. The crop circles may be the result of messages being sent on this 'live channel'. Of course, because we do not know what the messages mean it is, so far, impossible to know whether the Alien Visitor is still trying to communicate with us or is unwittingly using a 'live' channel. Perhaps the reason these crop circles appear near locations such as Silbury Hill and Avebury is because these sites were constructed to make transmission and reception possible. If something catastrophic were to happen to us, we would also leave behind millions of signals of varying frequencies and wavelengths that would remain in the ether indefinitely or until a method of receiving these signals had been reproduced accidentally or by design.


Although crop circles have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years, it seems that in more recent times the number and complexity of these formations have increased dramatically – as shown in this crop formation with a string of 57 small circles arranged irregularly around a thin spiral path.  For whatever reasons it seems the 'live channel' is being used more frequently and with more skill. Perhaps the answers to our questions about alien life on Earth are about to be resolved.

As well as further new archaeological discoveries of ancient cities, Atlantis perhaps, or recovery of hidden artefacts locked away in museums, monasteries or the Vatican; or archaeologists and geneticists working together on investigating the DNA in ancient mummified remains; or the slow recovery of our hidden knowledge we have inherited from the offspring of the Alien Visitor and the bipedal Hominid species; or the arrival of a UFO with the return of the Alien Visitor; these 'messages' which were transmitted by the Alien Visitor when it lived on our planet that are appearing in crop fields, could also offer us clues to the existence of the Alien Visitor on Earth.


I think we already have some opportunities for deciphering the 'messages' appearing in the crop fields because we have the Alien Visitor gene and therefore a memory from the Alien Visitor. It is possible that we could be unknowingly accessing this subconscious memory when we transmit messages so it follows that, by looking at the way we send and receive messages we might be able to understand how the Alien Visitor did the same.


For example, in 1974 a message was beamed from a radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, aimed at a star cluster called M13. This cluster is about 23,000 light years from Earth and any reply can only be expected 40,000 years from now, at the earliest. However the appearance of the 'Chilbolton Code' has attracted media coverage because it bears a resemblance to the image sent from Puerto Rico. Some newspapers have speculated that this crop formation is proof that our message has already been received. But this seems impossible because our message should only be at the start of its very long journey to M13, unless an alien spacecraft had intercepted this message not long after it had started its journey?


But I sense the real significance of the similarity between the M13 message and 'Chilbolton Code' is that we seem to be subconsciously creating the kind of images which are being transmitted to Earth on the 'live channel'.


If we continue to study these crop formations we may start to understand the information the Alien Visitor communicates. This research may finally provide us with the answer to why the Alien Visitor came to Earth and what it achieved while on this planet. By comparing the subtle differences between the message we sent to M13 and the 'Chilbolton Code', perhaps we can unlock the meaning of similar extra-terrestrial transmissions that are being beamed onto Earth.


By analysing the crop formations in the context of how we send and receive messages maybe we can understand how to decipher them.


One place where we could start is by looking at our rapidly developing digital communications via the computer. A computer translates the striking of the '?' symbol on the keyboard as an 8-bit binary code 00111111 that represents the digital signal for '?', which conforms to the ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) convention. This string of 0's and 1's is easily handled by the computer as '0' = no pulse and '1' = a pulse of electricity as shown in the diagram opposite. Prior to the '?' being displayed on the computer screen the translation process is reversed and the '?' symbol is then displayed on the screen or sent to an email recipient and NOT the digital signal 00111111. Similar principles apply to radio and television broadcasts, where radio and television sets are the receivers, which are also rapidly changing from analogue to digital technology.


But is there another subtler means of transmitting and receiving extra-terrestrial 'messages'? Can the explanation quite simply be that these 'messages' are being channelled through some of us? We readily accept the artist's talent to 'receive' portraits or landscapes in their conscious memory or images from their unconscious or subconscious memory and 'transmit' these pictures to paper or canvas.


Some crop formation researchers believe that the meanings of crop formations can be channelled through the minds of some of our fellow human beings. Some 'channellers', also known as mediums, attribute a universal 'star' symbol along with a meaning for each formation. Is this the beginning of a universal language lesson from the extra-terrestrials?


Are hoaxers the unwitting transceivers for these extra-terrestrial 'messages' contained in their subconscious memories, which they reproduce as crop formations? Many hoaxers who have planned and created crop formations have confessed to becoming more and more convinced that paranormal forces are working through them.


Elsewhere in my book, I investigate the idea that within our own physical makeup we have a gene from the Alien Visitor and a capacity for a greater understanding of everything that constituted this Alien Visitor. I look at how, as a race, we only have glimpses of the possibilities offered by this gene. It is possible to argue that perhaps all crop circles are extra-terrestrial and that even those which hoaxers admit to making have been made out of a compulsion in the hoaxer to use the knowledge contained in their inherited alien gene.


Is it a coincidence that crop formations are appearing in clusters around the ancient monuments which are still visible, e.g. Avebury (incorporating Silbury Hill), Stonehenge, and those monuments that have long since disappeared?


Did the extra-terrestrial(s) have the opportunity to perfect a means of transmitting information using its higher intelligence and Earth's resources, before they and their 'equipment' were destroyed or damaged in the natural disaster that resulted in the great flood? I can only assume from the complexity of the ancient civilisations that it had.

Maybe English Heritage, during their final dig at Silbury Hill, will uncover evidence to confirm a more elaborate and intriguing explanation to its ancient construction other than what is believed to be a ‘spoil heap’, built from 500,000 tonnes of material; mostly chalk, quarried and cleared from the surrounding terraces and ditches at Avebury.



The alternating layers of soil and chalk creating the second mound 



So, should we expect to see more elaborate patterns, pictures and even messages, by whatever means, which may provide the answer to this mystery that confounds us? I think we will - so sit back and enjoy the next instalment!


My theory accepts unequivocally the existence of other life on other planets, some of which arrived on Earth around 13,000 years ago. As the stone circles and mounds remain on Earth and crop formations continue to be created perhaps we are unwittingly continuing to transmit to and receive messages from the Alien Visitor's race every day. Maybe we are, unknowingly, organising another meeting in the future. Perhaps an increase in crop formation activity is an indication that the Alien Visitor is preparing to return to Earth.


Is the true significance of crop circles that they provoke a mind enhancing experience by getting us as individuals to throw back into ourselves? Is this a subtle way of getting each and every one of us to explore our subconscious memory and discover just how remarkable we all are.


If we look to the future, mankind is clearly going to have the capacity to plant its genetic structure around the universe within the next few hundred years. So it seems logical that we are ourselves the product of such a process. Are we destined to become visitors on a distant planet and follow in the footsteps of our extra-terrestrial ancestors?


You can read more about this gene theory in my book "Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory."


The book also advances the concept of Start Timers, the understanding that we all originate from the same source. The source of mankind is explained in my post-Darwinist theory that the 'missing link' in our evolution was due to the arrival of an extra-terrestrial being or race of beings that bred with, or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors.  


Start-Timers is neither a religion nor a cult.  It is simply taking personal responsibility and being generous with those who require our support during our time on Earth.  It is also about respecting each other's amazing abilities and paying attention to preserving our precious planet Earth for future generations to explore our incredible alien heritage.


©John Cowie 2002

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(1) Lucy Pringle "Crop Circles The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times" Thorsons 1999

(2) Ralph Noyes (ed.) "The Crop Circle Enigma" Gateway Books 1991



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