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silbury-coll-2Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory 

In the third edition of “Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory", John Cowie presents further evidence to support his contentions.   

Is the arrival of extra-terrestrials on our planet the only logical explanation for our truly amazing evolution from the indigenous Homo sapiens to humankind over such a short period of time?

Is the lack of anthropological evidence to the ‘missing link’ due to the fact that initially early man didn’t change much physically – the genetically changed Homo sapiens just had a huge boost to their brain power?

Silbury Dawning takes its name from Silbury Hill, the famous English manmade mound in Wiltshire, UK that dates from pre-history.  John believes the enormous mound was built as a pyramid and served as a multi-functional device to ensure the survival of extra-terrestrials and their human offspring on Earth. 

The book argues that this Alien Visitor(s) founded our earliest civilisation around 13,000 years ago and suggests that clues to the existence of the Alien Visitor on Earth can be found through:-

  • New archaeological discoveries of ancient sites using the latest Ground Penetrating Radar Equipment (GPRE) linked to satellites, Atlantis perhaps?  Or the recovery of hidden artefacts and documents locked away in museums, monasteries or the Vatican - evidence to show how faith trampled reason underfoot.
  • Archaeologists and geneticists working together on investigating the DNA in ancient mummified remains. 
  • Investigation of pyramids and pyramid mounds, the most ancient and mysterious monuments found on all continents on Earth, using the latest technologies.
  • Understanding the significance of myths and legends, which have so much in common despite coming from the four corners of the Earth, as true accounts of this time in our early history, rather than fictional or allegorical stories? 
  • Epigenetics, a rapidly expanding branch of microbiology, could also provide answers to the Alien Visitor gene theory. At the heart of this new field of science is a simple idea – that genes have a ‘memory’. Epigenetics provides compelling evidence that a memory of an event could be passed through generations. Will epigenetics provide the science to enable us to locate and ‘switch on’ our hidden memory gene codes and re-trace our detailed and factual history to confirm the existence of the Alien Visitor in our distant past?
  • The slow recovery of this original alien knowledge, transferred down the generations via this trans-generational memory gene?  With each generation able to access some of this knowledge, in a non-Darwinian way, which in some cases we classify as ‘genius’?  Is intelligence (IQ) a measure of the ease in which we can access, use and develop this ‘hidden’ subconscious knowledge? 
  • The interpretation of 'messages' which were transmitted by the Alien Visitor when it lived on our planet that are now appearing in crop fields near ancient monuments such as Silbury Hill. 
  • The likelihood, with the intensification of SETI in the search for alien contact and the growth in the interest in the UFOphenomenon, that one day we intra-terrestrials will meet our extra-terrestrial ancestors.   

As each generation recovers some of this original (alien) knowledge, will we eventually reach the level of knowledge which was on our planet some 13,000 years ago?  Will we plant our genetic material on some distant planet one day? 


Inspired by some of the amazing inventions in our lifetime, the author explores the incredible legacy we inherited from our extraterrestrial ancestors, including the development of the silicon chip, the evolution of  computer/telecommunications technology, the fantastic advances in DNA technology and the rapidly expanding infomation superhighway. 


"Daring and controversial, the thesis put forth in Silbury Dawning is sure to provoke skepticism in many.  As readers sink themselves into the multiple convergences in archaeology, genetics and civilization histories that this book entertains, they may never look at their world quite the same".  


Customer Review

This review is from: Silbury Dawning: The Alien Visitor Gene Theory 3rd Edition (Paperback)
I found John Cowie’s book quite interesting and substantial. I also admire his courage in publicly writing concerning subjects generally considered taboo in the Science world and general society. Having personally met John briefly in his home territory, while accompanying one of my artists the world-renowned carver of Crystal Skulls Geraldo Leandro de Sousa, to a Meet & Greet / Carving Exhibition in Avebury. I know him to most certainly not be a babbling psychotic, but rather a calm gentlemanly soul perhaps even more stable in fact than my own self. I clearly see the validity of his postulated Science based thought. Silbury Dawning is well written, thought provoking and opens ones the mind to in my opinion what is obviously a possibility as we learn more and more concerning truly Ancient Societies unfathomable powers and advanced science. All in all, an intriguing read not at all a slog to get through, that imparted facts and ideas which may never be known or occur in one’s own mind. Unlike myself as a nonbeliever in the Crystal Skulls. John’s work has everything to do with his personal search for knowledge and explanations to the unexplained in the form of one of the "Eternal Questions" of Science and the enquiring mind, not essentially money. For which he deserves...respect and admiration. Again, IMO.

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IMG 1981

Silbury Hill: At the Dawning of Humanity waspresented at The Bases Project Conference in the Ellis Theatre, Marlborough College, Marlborough, Wiltshire on Saturday the 9th August 2014. 

This lecture explores the fundamental question – “When and how did humanity begin” before addressing the theme of the conference “Humanity! We are changing”. 

Why has the big ‘what if’ question been ignored – “Were extra-terrestrials responsible for the creation of humankind and the seeds of humanity on Earth”? 

Was nearby Silbury Hill constructed as a pyramid?  

Did Silbury Hill, with its prehistoric past, witness the dawning of humanity?

The following series of articles, supporting the theme of the lecture can be found on this Forum and at Ezine Articles ezinearticles  

Humanity – Creationism, Darwinism and now Realisationism

Humanity – Our Extra-Terrestrial Gene

Humanity – Our Forbidden Extra-Terrestrial Past 

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Silbury Hill - Chalk Mound or Pyramid Mound?

imgresGlastonbury Symposium Lecture, July 2013 - Silbury Hill: The White Pyramid? The lecture begins with an investigation into pyramid properties and features and attempts to explain why so many pyramids were built on Earth in our prehistory.

This unique investigation involves basic Quantum Physics to show how ionic current is produced and converted into various forms of energy by a pyramid. It also asks the key question -- "Did our ancient ancestors understand and develop this fundamental science"?

The lecture continues on to question the traditional view as to the purpose and age of Silbury Hill with reference to other ancient structures including some Egyptian Pyramids and Silbury_Hill_Pyramid_MoundStonehenge.

A great deal of evidence is provided to explain why Silbury Hill may have been originally built as a White Pyramid around 12,000 years ago.

Were pyramids part of important complexes built during an extra-terrestrial colonisation of Earth?

For any further information please contact me by email:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   2




The pod cast from the popular Award Winning ‘Lifting the Veil’talk show on SoundartRadio 102.5FM as broadcast on 19th May 2014 at 9.00pm.  There was a short delay due to technical problems with the link at the beginning of the broadcast, but I hope worth perservering with until the talk show gets going following David Bowie's record "Life on Mars" 

The Hidden History of the Human Race

By Klaus Dona 

This highly recommended interview, packed with an amazing amount of in-depth factual research, provides lots of visual information from around the world to support my 'Alien Visitor' Gene Theory.