alien visitor gene theory

The "Missing Link" in our human evolution?

Is the lack of anthropological evidence to the ‘missing link’ due to the fact that initially early man didn’t change much physically – the genetically changed Homo sapiens just had a huge boost to their brain power!?

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Is the arrival of extra-terrestrials on our planet the only logical explanation for our truly amazing evolution from the indigenous Homo sapiens to humankind over such a short period of time?

This third edition to Silbury Dawning will provide conclusive evidence that extraterrestrials lived on Earth in our pre-history!

......... also the latest revision of the popular leaflet and poster


Silbury Hill Pyramid Mound  John Cowie

Silbury Hill - The White Pyramid?


Silbury Hill Leaflet Front 2014

Silbury Hill Leaflet Front

Silbury Hill Leaflet Back 2014

Silbury Hill Leaflet Back 2015


Silbury Hill Leaflet 2014

Silbury Hill Leaflet 2014