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Secret Silbury - The Age Old Question


By John Cowie


At the recent MARLBOROUGH MOUND TRUST 5TH ANNUAL LECTURE, in the Ellis Theatre at Marlborough College, Jim Leary gave a lecture titled ‘The Marlborough Mound and the other Giants of Wessex’.  Jim, who was the chief archaeologist on the English Heritage Silbury Hill Conservation and Restoration Project in 2007/2008, reiterated his views that Silbury Hill is indeed a 4,400 year old mound.  It was built in phases that grew and grew as each basket load of material was piled on top of the previous pile, but not to any predefined architectural blueprint. His idea endorses the conventional view for the age and construction of Silbury Hill.

MerlinsMount_4.jpgThe study of numerous mounds similar to Silbury Hill around the world has provided clues to an alternative theory. Many of these mounds when unearthed show sophisticated pyramids that had been built to a specific plan.  Dating is difficult, as I will explain later, but it is believed that many of these constructions are much older than previously imagined.

So, is Silbury Hill a 4,400 year old mound, which would support the conventional date, or is it an ancient pyramid.  This pyramid theory would push its creation way back into our mysterious pre-history?

Who is right?  It seems the key to understanding the function and purpose of Silbury Hill lies in determining its age!

In his lecture Jim Leary was unequivocal that the date for Silbury Hill was around 4,400 years.  This speculation is based on carbon dating of an antler found in the side of the hill in 1968; the dating of insects, moss and grass found in the mound in 2007; and the dating of core samples taken from a 10 centimetre diameter hole drilled vertically at the centre of nearby Marlborough Mound (Merlin’s Mound) in 2011.  All methods coincidentally provide a consistent date for Silbury Hill and the Marlborough Mound (below) of approximately 4,400 years old.  But, can we trust the current science and technology used to support this assertion? 

Most people are surprised to learn that there is, in fact, no way to directly determine the age of any fossil or rock. The so called “absolute” methods of dating (radiometric methods) actually only measure the present ratios of radioactive isotopes and their decay products in suitable specimens - not their age. These measured ratios are then extrapolated to an “age” determination.  Despite its obvious appeal to archaeologists, most radiocarbon facilities date bone only rarely. The principal reason is often poor preservation of collagen in many contexts. Preservation of bone collagen is influenced principally by the environment within which the bone is deposited, and, specifically, by the interrelated influences of pH, microbial activity, temperature, and water. However, these digenetic influences can be extremely variable between, and within, sites. In general, there is a broad gradient in the preservation state of bones from those deposited in warmer, more humid environs to those recovered from archaeological contexts in colder, more temperate climes. Over many years, it has become apparent that the characterisation of the quality of the extracted “collagen” is crucial to validate the accuracy of the obtained 14C determinations. Several methods of achieving this have been tried but few 14C laboratories regularly apply the range of analytical measurements necessary to provide minimum assurance for submitters of bone samples (e.g. C to N ratios) even when the samples are of crucial importance to studies of late human evolution.

The bottom line is that radiometric dating procedures don't provide the consistent absolute dating method we would like to have. It therefore seems unlikely that modern Radio Carbon dating techniques can so accurately date the Silbury Hill a ntler to 4,400 years - and this is accepting the huge assumption it was used as a pick in the construction of Silbury Hill!!  The same principles apply to the core samples from the Marlborough Mound.

Without going into the technical details associated with dating insects, i.e., molecular clock rates, accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS), chitin, etc., similar problems apply in the dating of insects, grass and moss collected from inside Silbury Hill in 2007!  According to the English Heritage archaeologists the fresh and green vegetation preserved inside the mound in an “oxygen free environment” was dated to 4,400 years.  Ii is unlikely that an oxygen free environment or vacuum exists within Silbury Hill, but anyhow on exposure to the outside elements would immediately contaminate the samples!

Contamination when removing samples is a big consideration.  Josh McDowell and Don Stewart at a Yale University study yielded three different ages for an antler -- 5,340 years, 9,310 years, and 10,320 years. What caused variations in the result can be explained - limestone contamination of the sample. The 5,340 years is the carbon 14 date for the antler; the 10,320 years is the limestone contaminant; and the 9,310 years is the date for the antler and limestone combined.

The alternative theory expounded by many independent researchers including myself that suggests Silbury Hill is much older, may also prove impossible to confirm.  As much as I would like to use flint flakes dated to 12,000 years old, found in pits at the top of the first phase in the construction of Silbury Hill as a possible date stamp, but for the reasons mentioned above, there is also some incongruity when arriving at this conclusion. Also the flint flakes may have been scooped up unintentionally from the landscape and deposited unknowingly in the centre during its construction?  Interestingly, nothing was found in these pits according to Jim Leary in his recent lecture. 

There seems to be so much emerging from scientists not ground in the dogma of their prior academic standards, whether archaeological, geological, etc.  Although ridicule is still a barrier, many are delving deeper, sharing, networking and laying out their findings alongside the conventional.  Big problems are arising for people trying to maintain doctrines that are not maintainable under these new measures!

So, why are Jim and his fellow archaeologists keen to hold onto this date of 4,400 years?  It would seem this date can be neatly shoehorned with the time line when the Stone Age slips into the Bronze Age, a period when emigration, bringing its new ideology, pottery, etc., was gaining momentum.  Silbury Hill and the surrounding mounds, stone circles and henges in Wiltshire are seen to be an important part in the understanding of this transition!

A similar problem exists with Egyptologists who have dated the pyramids on the Giza plateau to the same period around 4,400 years.  This enables them to verify their belief that these pyramids were built as tombs by the pharaohs.  Interesting in the Great Pyramid, they fail to mention an amazing subterranean chamber, chiselled out of the solid rock, which provided a source of water before a massive pyramid was built on top.

So, why is the belief that Silbury Hill was an ancient pyramid build around 12,000 years ago so important?  We are discovering the amazing science of the pyramid with its ability to store energy via the natural flow of ions and convert this into different forms of energy.  We are also discovering hundreds of pyramids, built in our pre-history, on every continent on Earth. If the science of pyramids was clearly understood by our ancestors, then Silbury Hill would become very important in exploring the possible existence of an intelligent race in antiquity.

Can time replace speculation with the science to provide an accurate date for the construction of Silbury Hill and solve the riddle – when and why?  Was it a ceremonial mound or an ancient sophisticated pyramid?

Or is there an alternative theory desperate to be revealed that solves the secret of Silbury Hill? 




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Secret Silbury - Was ET Here?


By John Cowie  


A recent newspaper survey suggests that“79% of Brits who reckon alien life probably does exist”.  Why does this idea exist in such a high percentage of the population? 

Can this belief in alien life come from the possibility that we are all connected to an extraterrestrial race?  Is it possible the ‘missing link’ in our evolution was due to the arrival of an alien race that bred with or somehow implanted its genetic material and educated our Homo sapiens ancestors in our prehistory?  Does this explain the unusual leap in our evolution from Homo to pharaoh?

It would also explain our common bond (collective conscious) as our alien knowledge is transferred down the generations via this trans-generational memory gene, where each generation is able to access some of this knowledge which in some cases we classify as ‘genius’.  Can this trans-generational memory gene explain IQ, concepts, imagination and our keen interest in past life regression, reincarnation and the paranormal?! 

In the meantime can clues be found elsewhere? 

2011-07-27 WKCropCircle 020.JPGIn Wiltshire, near the stone circles at Avebury, stands Silbury Hill.  This ancient mound has provided the background for a number of UFO sightings and many of the less obvious man-made crop circles in recent years. Are there any clues to show that Silbury Hill is linked to extraterrestrials and our human evolution? 

With the rapid development of genetics, epigenetics, DNA, etc., scientists around the world are closing in on the gene(s) that differentiate us from our closest relatives the Chimpanzee and Bonobo. Could these distinctive genes belong to an extraterrestrial ancestor that arrived and thrived on Earth in our prehistory? 

The perception we have of Silbury Hill is that of a 4,400 year old ceremonial mound, inspired by “ritual” and built by our Pagan/Druid pre-Christian ancestors.  This is mainly thanks to archaeologist Professor Atkinson and the BBC following the dig from 1968-1970, and subsequently endorsed by English Heritage.

There were no records made of this exploration.  However, the dig, sponsored by the BBC to produce a series of gimmicky archaeology programmes, heavily promoted an item which was found near the surface early on in the dig – an antler.  The antler was subsequently radiocarbon dated to 4,400 years and became a headline or “breaking news” item.  To embellish the story it was decided that the antler was used in the construction and the huge illogical leap was made - Silbury Hill must also be approximately 4,400 years old!! 


But Atkinson also left another legacy, an unstable English Heritage monument, and collapses at the top of the hill spurred English Heritage to embark on a Conservation and Restoration Project in 2007/2008.  

Although much of the evidence of its age and function had been contaminated over the centuries, there was some evidence discovered during this recent dig to suggest that Silbury Hill was originally constructed as a pyramid. 

Some of the uncovered information to suggest this extraordinary pyramid possibility is as follows:-

  • There were large sarsen stones found at the summit and a number of pieces have been discovered close to the surface elsewhere in the Hill.   These large sarsen stones suggest a cap or podium at the top of the structure.
  •  Large chalk blocks measuring 29 x 39½ x 12 pyramid inches were discovered at the top of Silbury Hill.  

  • Over 10,000 survey points on the mound alone allowed us to plot detailed contours. This emphasised that the structure is not in fact circular, but built in straight segments that may indicate radial walls or buttresses”                                                                                                                                                                                                                English Heritage  

  • A thin band of dark brown butter-textured material approximately 5mm thick spread across the base area prior to the construction. So far no stones have been found in this bizarre sheet of mica-like material.

  • Close to the entrance a large chamber had been discovered and its purpose unknown. Other cavities have been discovered beneath the base of the Hill. Does this suggest evidence of a storage place but any artefacts placed within had long since been removed and any records lost? 

  • A few flint flakes some dated to 12,000 years old were discovered in pits on top of the first phase of Silbury Hill. 

  • The building of the final phase of the Hill occurred in “steps”.  

  • Archaeologists found this to be a very ‘clean’ site, suggesting that once Silbury Hill had been built, it seems unusual that only a selected few had access to the Hill.   

To their immense credit much more information was recorded by English Heritage archaeologists and scientists for future scientists to study. 

It is clear that in our distant past there was a mass of people in this area who were organised and prepared to work very hard in relative harmony, but we can still only guess at its function. I believe a conceivable explanation for the purpose of Silbury Hill can be found by studying the most ancient and mysterious monuments found on Earth – pyramids! 

Prior to and since standing at the centre of Silbury Hill in October 2007, I have been involved with scientists and researchers around the world studying mounds similar to Silbury Hill - from the newest in Bosnia and China to the most famous in Egypt. 

We are aware of the Great Pyramid in Egypt but what is not fully understood is the existent of hundreds if not thousands of pyramids built on every continent on Earth. So, why were these amazing technological structures built?
   RedSat.jpg alt








Some examples of Egyptian pyramids that show a ‘de-nuded Silbury Hill’, i.e. what Silbury Hill may have looked like if it was built in an arid environment. Similar mounds to Silbury Hill covered in vegetation found in Bosnia, Slovenia, China, etc., have been unearthed to show pyramids. 

To discover more, we must first understand the scientific properties of the pyramid.  What was so important about the pyramid structure and properties that hundreds, if not thousands, were built around the world!?  A short experiment with a suspended cardboard pyramid from a piece of thread gives some clues to the properties of the pyramid.  What happens when I clasp my hands and point my fingers at the motionless pyramid?  Although these experiments don’t meet the rigors of scientific experimentation, energy appears to be spiralling through the pyramid causing it to rotate – sometimes clockwise sometimes anticlockwise. Why does the suspended pyramid rotate? 

014Clues to this mystery can be found thanks to the discovery of the atom and its constituent parts which enabled the development of electricity by 19th century inventors including Westinghouse, Edison and Tesla. The motion of negatively charged electrons in one direction and positively charged in the other around an electric circuit known as an electric current is clearly understood.  What is less familiar is the flow of ionic energy around our planet.  Ions occur when an atom either gains an electron (anion) or looses an electron (cation). Ions exist naturally due to the ongoing atomic reactions with energy sources such as heat, light and sound energy. An ionic current flows when the negatively charged anions are attracted towards the positively charged (opposites attract) Sun via the ionosphere and the positively charged cations are attracted from the Sun to the negatively charged Earth. This flow of ionic current is a natural occurring wireless phenomenon.  

However, if a pyramid shape is placed on the ground thus intersecting this flow of ionic current, its effect is to dramatically increase the flow of electrical energy at the tip of the pyramid compared to the base, i.e. the pyramid is able to generate and store free electrical energy! The simple experiment clearly shows that energy has been produced as revealed by the rotation of the suspended pyramid! 

All pyramids have been found to contain some crystalline/quartz stone such as sarsen, granite or salt. These materials act as a transducer.  A transducer is a power transforming device which can convert one form of energy into another, (e.g. microphone, turbine, windmill, etc).  A pyramid depending on its size, angle, construction and materials used (Professor Atkinson described Silbury Hill as being inside a “highly coloured layer cake”) - can generate huge amounts of electrical energy which can be converted into large magnetic fields, Ion Generator/Bionizer (as found in modern air purifiers/conditioners), heat and earth (ley line) energy. The piezo-electric transducer based upon the properties possessed by certain crystalline/quartz materials previously mentioned can also convert the electrical energy into acoustic energy, and vice versa. They have been used as the basic element of oscillators to provide very-high-frequency stability above about 20 kHz) in transmitters (seismic communication signals) and in electronic measuring equipment.

 altThe diagram opposite shows the Pyramid shape has been proved to convert earth/ley line energy into seismic (acoustic) waves in a wide range of frequencies as shown in the record of fluctuations of seismic emission envelope in the center of the Red  Pyramid at Dashur [© Dr Oleg Khavroshkin, Head of Nonlinear Seismology Lab, Russian Academy of Sciences, Schmidt Institute of Physics of the Earth].  Scientists have measured seism acoustic waves which emanate from the tip of the pyramid and have discovered that all pyramids, including the famous pyramids at Giza, produce their own seism acoustic emission or unique transmission signal!  They also discovered that seism acoustic emission is accompanied by electromagnetic radiation. 

In the field of Ion Generator/Bionizers, we now have Speleotherapy clinics - the benefits were first described in a book published by a Polish physician in 1834 who took patients with respiratory diseases and breathing difficulties down into salt mines for cures. 

It became a standard feature of spa treatments in Eastern Europe.  People suffering from respiratory diseases have been visiting salt caves for relief since the Middle Ages, and this traditional natural remedy is widely used in Russia and the Ukraine.  All modern air conditioning systems have negative ion generators. 

Water nearby, which is common to all pyramids, provides a constant source of negative anions.  Comparing a torch to the pyramid,the Pyramid uses the infinite negative charge for Earth which acts as a huge battery compared to the small alkaline battery in the torch!  

Other interesting features common to all pyramids discovered on every continent on Earth are as follows:-  

  •  The positioning of the pyramid is purposely selected with a special regard for mathematics and the cosmos. 

  •  Pyramids are carefully planned and constructed (as shown in the construction of Silbury Hill overleaf) in a step formation. Even the carefully positioned blocks are deliberately turned with the flat side out.   

  • The corners of the pyramid accurately point to the four cardinal directions of North, South, East and West or reflect the two equinoxes and the two solstices.
  • Water and ley line/earth energies bisect the pyramid.  

  • They all contain crystalline stones. Crystal is a transducer of electrical and mechanical energy.  A transducer is a power transforming device which converts one form of energy into another. 

  • The pyramid shape containing crystalline stone, acts as a giant crystal piezoelectric transducer.   This converts earth/ley line energy, in the form of negative ions from underground water, into seismic (acoustic) waves in a wide range of frequencies.  Each pyramid has its own unique emitting frequency.

  • Cavities, passages, chambers and anti-chambers are found inside and/or beneath the base of the pyramid.

  • Each pyramid contains ‘inherited’ items which over the centuries have been open to many misinterpretations.

The material used in the original construction of the pyramid, the climatic conditions endured over the centuries and the respect (or otherwise) shown by the peoples living with these monuments, determines the condition, size, shape and even if the pyramid still exists.

Was there an extraterrestrial race who understood the properties of pyramids and the science of our planet?  Were pyramids built because they were critical to their survival and the continued existence of their offspring – us!!  Their amazing mathematical and astrological knowledge suggest they did?

Is this another crackpot idea?  Russian scientists don’t think so. They are building pyramids to purify the surrounding atmosphere to help tackle the effects of greenhouse gasses.  Maybe one day we will see pyramid power used to replace wind farms!?

Was Silbury Hill originally built as a pyramid?  The evidence from my research suggest Silbury Hill was indeed built as a pyramid and part of a huge complex incorporating Avebury Stone Circles nearby, the recently excavated Marden Henge to the west and Stonehenge to the south.   

Did pyramids play a vital part in our early evolution?  Plans are being discussed by Scientists for a “Doomsday ark” on the Moon that will contain the essentials of life and civilization, to be activated in the event of Earth being devastated by a giant asteroid or nuclear war. 

A basic version of the “ark” would contain hard disks holding information such as DNA sequences and instructions for metal smelting and planting crops.  The plan to place these items in a vault just under the lunar surface and transmitters above the vault would send the data to heavily protected receivers on Earth.  If no receivers survived, the “ark” would continue transmitting the information until new ones could be built. 

In my Alien Visitor gene theory from my book ‘Silbury Dawning’, I suggest our knowledge has been inherited from an alien ancestor.  We have acquired the Alien memory of its life on Earth together with its own history going back to when the Alien life first evolved on some distant planet! 

Everything we imagine or have yet to imagine has already happened in our Alien history.  In other words, we are mimicking the evolution of the Alien Visitor.  The Alien Visitor’s history is our future.  There will be anomalies because we are evolving on Earth and the Alien Visitor evolved on a different planet so this may force us to evolve in a slightly different way from the Alien Visitor

So, if we are slowly recovering this alien knowledge, can we find clues to early human evolution in our modern ideas and inventions?  Are we repeating the idea of a “Doomsday ark” from knowledge contained in our inherited memory?  Will pyramids play a key role in our future advancement with the likelihood that it will be the first structure to be built on the Moon? 

Does Silbury Hill display the hallmarks of a previous “Doomsday ark” built on Earth by extra-terrestrial surveyors around 12,000 years ago? 

If Silbury Hill was originally built as a pyramid this would provide a remarkable link to other pyramids and to our highly intelligent ancestors that existed in our prehistory? 

Are we becoming more consciously aware of the existence of our extraterrestrial heritage?   If our extraterrestrial ancestors return will we have some common knowledge that will enable us to understand the secrets of space and our hidden powers? 











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Author and Researcher


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By John Cowie 

Jim Leary, the English Heritage archaeologist responsible for the survey on Silbury Hill in 2007/8 gave the lecture Silbury Hill: the Archaeology of a Monumental Mound at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum, Devizes on Saturday the 23rd January 2010.

Jim has been working since the survey in 2007/8 on the analysis of the data. So, were the questions about this enigmatic monument about to be answered – How was it built? When was it built? How long did it take to build? The lecture started with a swipe at the fringe archaeologists, pagan, new age and alien visitor theories, which had become established due to the failure of archaeologists to provide credible interpretations for Silbury Hill. So was this about to change? Could the eagerly awaited findings based on scientific analysis of the evidence removed in 2007 restore credibility in the archaeological community? 

The answer soon became evident. The lecture focussed on rehashed previously presented material about the early and recent history of Silbury Hill. This was followed by a number of non scientific interpretations as to how and why the hill was built. For example, “our early Stone Age ancestors probably built Silbury Hill to replicate their geology and geography - to show they understood the landscape they lived in” and “the mysterious clusters of sarsen stones found at the summit of Silbury Hill were probably part of some religious ‘Topping Out’ ceremony”. At last some scientific evidence. According to Jim, the core of organic material, including ants and insects, found inside the hill has accurately dated the hill to 4400 years. Incidentally this is exactly the same date as previously provided by Atkinson in 1970 from the antler found about a foot inside Silbury Hill. “With water containing pollutants – from volcanic ash to animals grazing on the hill over the thousands of years – seeping through the hill would this not affect the accuracy of the dating of these exposed insects”, I enquired? Seemingly not as radio carbon dating is now an absolute technique and the dates are indisputable. 

What about the analysis of the intriguing dark brown butter-texture material which forms a fairly uniform approximately 5mm thick stone free layer between the foundation and the base of the hill? This material is being studied by English Heritage geo-archaeologists and the results will be available in a full report in 2011. Jim suggested this layer is likely to have been produced by worms?
Flint flakes found in pits at the centre of the hill were mentioned but not the date of 10,000 years!
Jim confirmed that in the 1968-70 excavation, Professor Atkinson, with the help of the BBC, had vandalised the part of the tunnel they had re-examined in 2007 before backfilling. If this was a crime scene surely any evidence would be inadmissibly! So, can we trust these archaeologist findings to accurately date Silbury Hill? Hopefully future unbiased archaeologists will have the opportunity to investigate the unexplored parts of Silbury Hill.
To find out more, a full report of Jim’s work is contained in his book The Story of Silbury Hill coming out later this year.
Prior to and since standing at the centre of Silbury Hill in October 2007, I have been involved with scientists and researchers around the world studying mounds similar to Silbury Hill - from the newest in Bosnia to the most famous in Egypt.
The photograph shows a ‘naked’ Silbury Hill type structure found only a few meters away from the Bent Pyramid at Dashur, Egypt.
My conclusions, based on scientific research, provide an intriguing possible alternative purpose for Silbury Hill.
This alternative possibility involves some very basic knowledge of physics. Ions occur when an atom either gains an electron (anion) or looses an electron (cation). Ions exist naturally due to the ongoing atomic reactions with energy sources such as heat, light and sound energy. An ionic current flows when the negatively charged anions are attracted towards the positively charged (opposites attract) Sun via the ionosphere and the positively charged cations are attracted from the Sun to the negatively charged Earth. This flow of ionic current is a natural occurring phenomenon.
If a pyramid shape is placed on the ground thus intersecting this flow of ionic current, its effect is to concentrate the flow of energy at the tip of the pyramid compared to the base, i.e. the pyramid is able to generate and store free energy!
All pyramids have been found to contain some crystalline/quartz stone such as sarsen, granite or salt. These materials act as a transducer. A transducer is a power transforming device which can convert one form of energy into another. A pyramid depending on its size, angle, construction and materials used can generate huge amounts of electrical energy which can be converted into large magnetic fields, sound (communication signals), Ion Generator/Bionizer (as found in modern air purifiers/conditioners), heat and earth (ley line) energy. Water nearby, which is common to all pyramids, provides a constant source of negative anions.
Did our ancestors in pre-history understand the properties of pyramids and the science of our planet? Their amazing mathematical and astrological knowledge and the fact that they built pyramids on every continent on Earth seems to suggest they did?
Is this another crackpot idea? Russian scientists don’t think so. They are building pyramids to purify the surrounding atmosphere to help tackle the effects of greenhouse gasses.
Was Silbury Hill originally built as a pyramid? If it was this would make it one of the most fascinating ancient monuments on Earth!

© John Cowie 2010




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By Jacqueline Sara Cloake 

Querent: Why were the pyramids built? 
Hakim:   I prefer to call it Pernetr. It is built to have energy just like there was built somewhere in the 18C 19C by Nicola Tesler.   Free energy. It’s there. He didn’t find electricity it’s there and more other frequencies which is become free, with our limited senses but it’s there. So when we wake up these senses, the pyramid is built from energy and when you look at the construction, you see it is connected to a shaft as high as the pyramid and as deep as running water.    With the beam of the sun and running water you have no exhaust. And you can announce this in the media, but someone will say Petrol is number one. And maybe they will fight you because you are showing them free energy, and it’s enough to know and when you know it, you will know that you are built to deal with this. 
Pyramid is a Greek word doesn’t mean anything. Pyrama Pyramid plural. Guess what the Arabs the latest invaders, call it in 640AD they call it Harm. Means the old. The old in age. And nothing else. And Herodotus said it was a tomb. Nonsense. They are simple construction but they call it Perka. In our ancient language the pyramid is Pernetr. Yes. Perka. The house of the body. The temple is Perba, the house of the spirit. The house of Isis is Perpara. Guess what word we use for Para The Greeks add h after the p, turning it to Phara. So the word pharoah doesn’t mean man or ruler, it means the house of Isis. And Isis has a bit of influence from the Greek. Izit. Us. This is when the split happened. Instead of Izit they put Isis, Osirus, Horus, Julius, it is easy to see if it is a man or a woman. Yes. 
So pyramid is a Per Netr. It has no meaning, it has been used as it is.   And guess what it is when I say Netr. Nature. Nature. What can you make out of the word nature. Nature. What’s nature. Netr in our ancient language is those beings who come from above. And the way of writing it with a beard, later when the letters play they put next to this Per just to help you pronounce. Netr has no translation. And when you say that I am saying tongue work, tongue, but the Ra is the deeper stage for bridge of understanding. How can way can we say baby. Many different ways. We get the sound not the word itself. 
Taken from handwritten notes from a talk by Hakim at Dashur September 2005.
Hakim: Pyramid. In Egyptian = House of nature. The middle pyramid at Giza is an energy machine.
Sarcophagus = body eater.
Tesler found the energy of electricity but didn’t do anything. Eddison discovered how to use it.
Next it’s Dashur. The bent pyramid. This Hakim tells us is a generator. 
Hakim: Water would flow past it in those days. Water plus sun = energy. Simple. Dashur. Its name came with the Arabs 700AD. No Arab nation. Formed from Arab. Roman labels were removed and Arab labels put on. The Bent pyramid. The Nile comes form the West where today’s Oasis is. In the canal, there is silt there from 52-54,000 year. This is a Pernetr. A power station. The Bent pyramid
Influences the energy and its effect on water. The harbour is close by – there is silt in evidence formed by water. 6 to 7 pyramids in total. Some are tombs, some are pernetr. Power stations. The middle pyramid at Giza is a Pernetr. Water brought from the west to the east. Could be used to produce the implosion energy that enabled people to travel. The silt is evidence of water.
Next it’s Abu Garab. The Red Pyramid. A sound pyramid. Sinivero. A machine that produces double type of sound.   This has several chambers with different ceilings in a zig zagged appearance that create a particular reverberation or sound. We bypass the first chamber. At the second chamber there is a gate; a tunnel carved in the rock, Hakim says you can go for miles. 
© Jacqueline Sara Cloake 2003 - 2011